Holiday Gift Guide 2022: The Best Luxury Home Wellness Products Inspired By The World's Best Spas

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If that special someone in your life devotes a lot of time to their wellness, then a next-level home spa device makes the perfect gift. And we aren’t talking Epsom salts or fancy lotions here; these five devices are used at luxury wellness resorts like Palazzo Fiuggi, Fairmont Windsor Park Hotel, and within the Four Seasons chain to help with recovery and stimulate physical rejuvenation to reveal a reenergized self. Blow them away with these next-level items:

1. Hyperice NormaTec 3 Legs

These compression leg attachments are for the person in your life who never skips leg day. When you put these on, they use dynamic air compression technology to massagesyour limbs to increase circulation, reduces swelling and help with recovery. NormaTec was originally developed as a medical device then used by athletes to combat soreness and pain. Now they make the perfect gift for someone who takes working out seriously and wants to wake up without any aches the next day. It’s also great for people who are on their feet often, or those who travel a lot and experience swelling during long flights. This futuristic device massages those issues away while you comfortably sit and watch Netflix.

2. Shani Darden Déesse PRO LED Light Mask

LED facials are popular at many of the finest spas in the world as they can stimulate collagen production, and help skin appear plumper and more youthful. Shani Darden is a Hollywood facialist to the stars and if you can’t book an appointment with her in-person, her LED mask is an easy way to bring an A-List beauty treatment home. You can choose between red light which stimulates collagen as aforementioned, blue light which kills acne-causing bacteria, or near infrared light which is the deepest penetrating wavelength used for cellular healing. This Rolls Royce of LED masks can be worn on the face and also comes with a neck device to refresh below your chin as well.

3. Higher Dose Sauna Blanket

There’s a reason why almost every luxury hotel spa has a sauna — getting your sweat on is fantastic for both your body and skin. Infrared saunas in particular have grown in popularity and can be found at hotels such as 11 Howard in New York City. While traditional saunas take up space, you can easily gift this experience to enjoy at home through Higher Dose’s Sauna Blanket. It utilizes near infrared rays to help you break a sweat, detoxify skin and burn extra calories. Your skin will also be noticeably more glowy the next day and you didn’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to break a sweat.

4. LYMA Laser

Lasers are very popular today administered to do everything from hair removal to hyperpigmentation reduction to scar treatment. Because lasers can be harmful when used incorrectly, they’ve typically only been something you can do in a med spa or with a doctor but LYMA changes this. It uses powerful near infrared laser light operating at 500mW power at the 808nm wavelength at which level it’s used in the medical industry to help rebuild tissue. LYMA laser can get into the deepest layers of skin but it’s not hot, ablative or abrasive on skin. It makes a great gift to the skincare enthusiast who loves the effects of lasers and the ease of use of having a gentle yet effective device at home.

5. Bowers & Wilkins Px8 007

Many spas now offer auditory wellness programs such as bineural beats, which help improve mental clarity and wellbeing through sound. During a session you listen to two different sound wave patterns in each ear. As the brain tries to synchronize the two, it creates a relaxed frequency associated with meditation. This process can have a variety of positive outcomes such as improved mood and focus, increased creativity and overall relaxation. It’s easy to enjoy this process at home too as you can easily access bineural beats online and it’s even better when you use top of the line headphones like Bowers & Wilkins Px8 007 during the process. These elegant headphones completely engulf your ears with their light earcups to immerse you in the two sound wave patterns. The supple leather is extremely comfortable and the 007 model has some unique design notes that will make you feel like you’re on a mission — to ultimate zen, of course.


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